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Title: What Rita Sees Around Her
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13 for politics and condoning violence
Characters: Rita Skeeter
Word Count: 300
Summary: Rita sees it all around her, and she cannot help but go down this path.

Rita sees more and sees farther than most people think she does. They forget her Os in History of Magic and Divination, and they think that she cannot see anything more than the next juicy story. But still she sees, and most of all she sees why the Statue of Secrecy is so important. People joke about Wendelin the Weird and her flame-freezing charms, but they never bother to read the accounts in the dusty corners of the Hogwarts library---witches and wizards with average defense skills, young and old, murdered in forests and lanes and their beds. She goes between thinking of them and of her seven-year-old niece Therese, young, bursting with magic, and beat up on the playground because she turned dandelions into anemones.

Rita sees, and she has read more of Muggle history and politics than most of her peers. She doesn't want to know what Muggles would do if they found out that they could marry magic to their atom bombs.

She doesn't particularly like the murders. Still, she thinks that Muggleborns are strange and dangerous immigrants to her world, bringing all sorts of unsavory Muggle bigotries with them, and she isn't sorry to see their fate. She isn't sad to see a few dead Muggles, those violent, hate-mongering creatures that can kill more people with the touch of a button than a dozen wizards could with wands.

She wants to see the Statue of Secrecy drawn so tight that no Muggle---not even the parents of a young Muggleborn---could ever know about the existence of magic. She wants to be free of this fear that fills her.

And so when Dolores Umbridge asks her to a special interview, she accepts, and she unknowingly heads down the path of no return.

Written for the AU Death Eaters challenge for the Young Death Eaters club at [livejournal.com profile] hh_clubs: "Write an AU drabble about how someone from the side of light came over to the side of dark and became a Death Eater." I'm not entirely sure if Rita ever counted as "light", but she's the only character I could think of that would plausibly go from light to dark (especially in 300 words or less).
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